Chairman’s Update – June 27, 2014

Chairman’s Update

June 27, 2014


Edwin G. Marshall
Chairman of the Board


Consul Visit

On June 24th Medizone International was honored with a visit to our laboratories at Innovation Park, Queen’s University, by the US Consul General of the United States responsible for Ontario, Mr. Jim Dickmeyer. Mr. Dickmeyer was particularly impressed with the work under way and its implications for health and safety not only in the United States, but around the world. He has served in six countries during his 29 years of diplomatic service and was very familiar with the enormous infectious disease challenges faced by most countries in both the developed and under developed world.

Viral Research

Medizone has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Viral Vector Production Team, Human Health Therapeutics, National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The NRC has provided Medizone with samples of the MERS Corona Virus in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of AsepticSureÒ against current and emerging viral pathogens for which there are no known cures. While at our laboratories Mr. Dickmeyer observed an AsepticSure disinfection run involving the MERS corona virus. These studies are expected to be completed over the coming weeks and, if successful, Medizone will have unequivocal evidence confirming AsepticSure’s effectiveness in protecting health care facilities and other critical infrastructure against an even broader array of deadly pathogens throughout the world.

Continuing Hospital Disinfection

In continuing its disinfection work at Belleville General Hospital (BGH) in Ontario, Canada, our Medizone team is currently using AsepticSure to battle an outbreak of C-difficile that had first been announced by the hospital on May 28th. Prior work that proved successful at BGH going back to last year included the disinfection of a series of ward rooms badly contaminated with MRSA during a severe outbreak. The AsepticSure process proved so successful that the “treated” rooms remained free of MRSA for seven months. Prior to the AsepticSure treatment the hospital reported the ward had averaged one to two MRSA infections per month. In February of this year, the BGH announced an outbreak of a dangerous form of Streptococcus bacteria in a maternity ward and once again, AsepticSure was requested to provide assistance.

Clearly, AsepticSure continues to demonstrate an ability to disinfect rooms in a health care setting to a standard that no other system, technology or cleaning practice has been able to approach. That AsepticSure routinely accomplishes complete disinfection in a short period of time (typically 90 minutes or less room turn time) and easily fits in with hospital flows while all medical equipment and electronics remain in the room, is truly amazing.

Purchasing Group Presentation

In other news, Medizone President Dr. Michael E. Shannon did a presentation on June 26th for an Ontario based hospital purchasing group, the Central Ontario Healthcare Procurement Alliance (COHPA). The presentation was in support of our Canadian distributors. While it has taken longer than we originally anticipated, interest in AsepticSure seems to be growing in Canada across a number of different provinces at the hospital, Ministry of Health and purchasing group level.


On the US side, we are still waiting for a ruling by the EPA in order to enter the US market. Over the past year more than half of the EPA team members we had originally been dealing with have either been transferred or are no longer with the EPA. At their request, the second week of June our regulatory team held another teleconference with the EPA. Following that meeting and the submission of additional supporting documentation, it is believed that we have satisfactorily answered the most recent questions posed by the EPA regarding the AsepticSure system. We are now waiting for their response.

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