AsepticSure Attracts Huge Interest at International Infection Control Symposium

Hi everyone, this is Dick Zoutman. I know you haven’t heard from me, at least not directly, until now; but I just felt that it would be a great time to take the lab coat off for a moment and share some really exciting news with you.

As the headline says… AsepticSure attracted quite an amazing level of interest in the UK, recently. I can personally vouch for it. I was over there (November 21 – 23, 2012), presenting the case for AsepticSure to the International Scientific meeting of the Hospital Infection Society and Federation of Infection Societies (HIS/FIS) in Liverpool.

The response from the 1,200 scientific colleagues, microbiologists and infectious diseases specialists (from Japan, India and all over Europe) was uniformly positive. There was very significant interest and excitement about the remarkable synergy of ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapor to produce rapid, high-level kills of bacterial pathogens and the spores of C. difficile.

This degree of acceptance by peers in the international scientific community is key to the positioning of AsepticSure as the leader in high-level disinfection for health care, and the myriad of other applications it may one day be used for.

I came away from this 3-day conference knowing that Medizone can stand very proud of what it has achieved in what has been – in scientific R&D time-frames, at least – a surprisingly short period of time.

While attendance at conferences of this nature are just one of the many stepping stones in our quest for global awareness, it cannot be overstated just how significant a positive response of this magnitude from such eminent peers, really is.

Yours Sincerely

Dick Zoutman
Chief Medical Officer
Medizone International