C3 Secures Multiple Client Opportunities

C3 Contamination Control has ‘hit the ground running’ after a highly successful media event at Queens University’s Innovation Park.

December 13, 2012 was a milestone for two companies – C3 and Medizone International. On that day, C3 proudly announced its AsepticSure® business model to waiting media, prospective clients and even a member of the Ontario Government. The publicity they generated subsequently resulted in Medizone’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dick Zoutman being interviewed on CBC Ontario Morning radio. You can listen to the interview by fast-forwarding to the 19 minute 20 second mark in this podcast recording.

On Sunday, December 16, C3 serviced its first client,C3 technicians monitoring the Omega Fit Club AsepticSure trial the Omega Fit Club in Kingston. This was a field trial that initially focused predominantly on the men’s locker rooms. The results were outstanding – so much so that the gym put out a press release immediately afterwards. A Continuing Services Agreement was subsequently obtained.

Four days later, C3 serviced two motel rooms with severe odor problems. As in the case of the gym, the prospect of gaining substantial revenue-generating business of this type in the future is growing exponentially.

C3’s Gardner McBride is also very excited about the opportunity that exists in the animal welfare market. Market research has revealed a potentially lucrative business opportunity involving the application of AsepticSure decontamination services to vets (and other organizations) associated with the training and up-keep of high-value animals such as tracker dogs, police dogs, rescue and recovery dogs, thoroughbred horses, breeding animals and countless others. Animal labs and zoos are also in their sights.

C3 Contamination Control Corporation’s goal over the next six months is to sell AsepticSure units and/or provide crew-based service to a client-base in the health and animal care, hospitality, and fitness industries. Field trials leading to contacts in these industries are already underway or scheduled for early 2013. They are also following up requests from other segments, including residential decontamination and public transportation.

In 2013, C3’s goal is to have five crews on the road operating on a successful business model that they can then replicate across Canada.




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