Hospital Rooms Cleaned to Autoclave Standards

Medizone International, Inc. (The Company) (MZEI:OB, MZEI:QB), manufacturers of the AsepticSure® Hospital Disinfection System, have recently announced that the same biological indicators used to confirm medical instrument sterilization in autoclaves, may also be used to confirm  absolute bactericidal kill for hospital room disinfection.

Biological indicators are considered the only process indicators that can directly monitor the lethality of a given cleaning process and are recommended by the FDA for all autoclave usage. Spore test strips have now become the reference standard for routine quality assurance of hospital instrument sterilization and, according to the FDA, they should be utilized with each autoclave load.

In laboratory testing Medizone has discovered that the same spore test strips are completely inactivated (killed) when placed in a room during an AsepticSure run. Over twenty-five runs have now been completed using two different commonly used types of spore test strips and in each case the results have been the same.  During testing, spore test strips that were placed under beds, on the floor, on walls and behind objects are completely deactivated 100% of the time. The implications of this finding are profound in that our AsepticSure Hospital Disinfection System can now demonstrate via independent, internationally recognized testing processes, a level of decontamination previously not considered achievable outside of an autoclave.

Hospital testing is confirming that once an isolation room has been disinfected with the AsepticSure process, the “sick room cycle” is broken, and no new infections will be generated from that room for significant periods of time.  This has proven true for MRSA (staph infections), C.difficile and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  The AsepticSure process is demonstrating a previously unobtainable level of hospital room disinfection within normal workflows while obtaining real reductions in new hospital associated infection rates.  AsepticSure is the only hospital disinfection system that can guarantee a greater than 6-log (>99.9999%) kill of infective pathogens throughout the entire room, and now independently verify it with the same testing products used to confirm instrument sterilization in autoclaves.

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