The Canadian National Infection Prevention and Control Conference

The Canadian National Infection Prevention and Control Conference

June 14 – 17 held in Victoria, BC

Dr. Michael Shannon telephoned me this past Monday evening from the dinner sponsored by Medizone in Victoria at the Canadian National Infection Prevention and Control Conference.  Dr. Shannon reported that the two presentations given earlier that day by Dr. Dick Zoutman, the first on AsepticSure’s success in eradicating C.difficile at Trenton Memorial Hospital and the second on the National Research Council Canada’s confirmation of AsepticSure success in defeating viral pathogens, were both exceptionally well received.

The dinner that followed was attended by 21 senior leaders in infection control from across Canada and in keeping with the Conference theme, “Surfing the Waves of Change”, AsepticSure® was presented as a potential tsunami in the battle against Hospital Acquired Infection.

Senior infection control experts from provincial ministries, hospitals, provincial ambulance organizations and several well-known universities were present.  

Drs. Michael Shannon and Dick Zoutman both spoke at the dinner.  Never before have so many key health care professionals gathered in the same room to learn about the breakthroughs AsepticSure continues to demonstrate.

We are convinced that AsepticSure is creating, what Thomas Kuhn in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, described as a paradigm shift in scientific understanding. In this instance, revolutionizing the understanding of what is possible in hospital disinfection. Like all other “disruptive innovations”, a tidal wave of associated changes must be accepted as new systems and approaches take hold to realize the overall goal of a safer pathogen free hospital environment.

Until very recently, those in the world of science and medicine believed that they were doing everything possible to clean the health care environment. Best practices, including double cleanings, the newest wipes and solutions, have all become common place in most hospitals, yet infection rates have either remained the same or continued to increase while treatment has continued to become more problematic as antibiotic resistance increased.

Health care professionals in Canada are now realizing that for the first time a pathogen free room can be a reality, courtesy of AsepticSure.

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