AsepticSure’s South American Distributor Places Order

San Francisco, California, June 20, 2016: Medizone International, Inc. (OTCQB: MZEI). GYD S.A., Medizone’s exclusive distributor for our AsepticSure® hospital disinfection system in Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, intends to offer both a service model and sales model for AsepticSure distribution. They are leading the regulatory approval process in their Territory. Exclusive distribution rights will be expanded to other countries in South America on a country-by-country basis as GYD S.A. achieves regulatory approvals and establishes channels of distribution.

With regulatory approval progressing, GYD S.A. has placed an initial order for the first three Generation III AsepticSure systems. Delivery is scheduled for early July.

While the roll out of AsepticSure distribution throughout South America will be gradual, the principals of GYD S.A. have been successful twice before using the same business model in establishing distribution channels throughout the continent. Given the acute need to address major hospital based infection issues on the continent, including evidence of super bugs in Rio with the up-coming Olympic Games, the ability to greatly reduce these infection threats in the health care community is gaining attention. Medizone believes GYD S.A.’s proven business model will be successful again.

Only AsepticSure disinfection technology achieves a greater than 6-log (> 99.9999%) kill of all infective pathogensviral or bacterialthroughout the entire room. That is the same FDA standard of disinfection used to sterilize medical instruments in an autoclave. Once a room is disinfected with AsepticSure’s ‘green’ technology, it will remain safe until a new pathogen is introduced from the outside. Medizone has proven that unless 100% of infective pathogens are eliminated from the disinfected space, regrowth will occur and new infections become likely. No other disinfection technology has proven capable of eliminating the source of environmentally caused infections completely; AsepticSure does so with every room cleaning.

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