Medizone International, Inc. Management


Screenshot 2015-01-14 01.14.34Edwin G. Marshall – Chairman of the Board  and Chief Executive Officer

Edwin G. Marshall became Chairman of the Board in June, 1997, following a successful hostile proxy takeover. He was additionally appointed Chief Executive Officer in April 1998.

Mr. Marshall attended the College of Marin, with a double major in business and fire science. From 1964 to 1978, Mr. Marshall worked in the fire service in a city with a major chemical industrial complex, leaving with the rank of Captain. He then pursued various business interests including ownership of a real estate brokerage firm and part-ownership of a number of other small businesses in other fields. He has been a private investor in real estate, precious metals, and stocks since 1973.


Michael E. Shannon, M.A.,M.Sc.,M.D. – President & Director of Medical Affairs, Board Member

Dr. Shannon received his medical degree from Queen’s University in Canada, which included advanced training in surgery and sports medicine. He also holds post-graduate degrees in neurochemistry and physiology. He has been actively engaged in applied medical research within these areas for over 27 years.

He served in the Canadian Forces for 31 years retiring at the rank of Commodore (Brigadier General equivalent) as Deputy Surgeon General for Canada. During the first Gulf War, Dr. Shannon served as the senior medical liaison officer for all of the Canadian forces.

In 1996 he assumed responsibilities within Health Canada for re-organizing the Canadian blood system. Working with both the provincial and federal governments he oversaw the development of a new corporate entity dedicated exclusively to the management of blood services in Canada. He was then appointed Director General for the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, a position he held for three years.

In December 2000, Dr. Shannon left the Canadian federal government to pursue a new career in industry. In that capacity he simultaneously directed a phase III clinical trial in Canada, the United States and Great Britain for an artificial blood substitute product. Following completion of that work he was asked to accept a special assignment with the Canadian Federal Government Auditor General’s office. His assignment being to conduct a cost benefit analysis of all government sponsored pharmacare programs and make recommendations directly to the Parliament of Canada. His assignment and presentation to Parliament was completed in November 2004.

Dr. Shannon then served on a special assignment to the Canadian Public Health Agency (Center for Disease Control equivalent in the United States) as Senior Medical Advisor. His responsibility was to direct the rebuilding of the Emergency Medical Response Capacity for Canada. In this regard and under his direction, the largest emergency medical response exercise in the history of the country, involving the overnight construction of a mobile hospital, hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients, was successfully held in Toronto in December of 2007.

Dr. Shannon has been actively engaged in medical bio-oxidative (O3 based), research since 1987 and was directly responsible for the first human clinical trial to have ever been approved in North America which examined the efficacy of O3 delivered via minor autohemotherapy in the treatment of AIDS. He was also responsible for several primate studies utilizing O3 involving scientists from various departments within the Canadian Federal Government, as well as senior investigators from Medizone International and Cornell University.

Dr. Shannon has served as the Senior Medical Advisor to Medizone International since 2002. In August of 2008 he accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Medizone International and assumed responsibility for medical affairs. In October 2008, he was additionally appointed the President of the Canadian Foundation for Global Health.




Stephanie Lynn Sorensen – Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Sorensen has a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Utah (1998) and a Bachelors of Science from the Marriot School of Management, Brigham Young University (1992). Ms. Sorensen also currently serves part-time as the Corporate Controller for Q Therapeutics, Inc. and Elute, Inc. both in Salt Lake City, Utah. Q Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing human cell-based therapies that can be sold as “off –the-shelf” pharmaceuticals intended to treated neurodegenerative diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Elute, Inc. is a start-up private company developing and commercializing a new class of polymer-controlled drug delivery devices designed to prevent and treat orthopedic and other surgical bone infections.

From October 2009 to August 2012, Ms. Sorensen was the Assistant Controller of World Heart Corporation, a publicly traded medical device company that had developed a ventricular heart valve for late stage heart failure patients as a bridge-to-transplant solution. WorldHeart was acquired by HeartWare International, Inc. in 2012. From November 2007 to October 2009, Ms. Sorensen was the Assistant Controller of Amedica Corporation, a medical device company that developed and sold ceramic spinal implants. Prior to Amedica, Ms. Sorensen held various operational and financial positions for both private and public companies in the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and software development industries.