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Medizone International, Inc. Corporate Strategy

Medizone  International  (OTCBB: MZEI) has completed its initial product development stage through its development partner, ADA, and is in the process of rolling out early-adopter production units of its disinfection technology, AsepticSure®.

The primary focus continues to be in the field of hospital sterilization, although a multitude of peripheral markets has been determined over the past two years. These additional markets include: food processing, clean rooms, hospitality and tourism, airlines, cruise ships, bed bugs and bio-terrorism countermeasures.

This primary hospital and healthcare development pathway was initially based, in part, on a review of published data on hospital-derived infections, an area of rapidly growing concern in the medical community and subject to increasing governmental oversight and regulation on both a state and federal level in the United States and extensive scrutiny in Canada, the UK and Europe.

Today, in 2013, having not only successfully completed critical phase hospital trials at Quinte Health Care Belleville General Hospital, but also having had AsepticSure's efficacy officially peer reviewed and subsequently published in the American Journal Of Infection Control, its foundational Canadian patent and Singaporean patent issued, many other international patents filed, and the first AsepticSure production units completed, Medizone International is now embarking on initiatives that will see it enter the North American hospital and health care markets during this year and beyond.

Update: In June, 2013, Medizone International announced that it had used AsepticSure to successfully eradicate MRSA from a number of infected ward-rooms at QHC Belleville General Hospital. As a direct result of this success, BGH has invited us to use Asepticsure as a key catalyst in the management of a serious outbreak of MRSA at their hospital.

Click here to download a copy of the AsepticSure Datasheet:

Medizone's extensive experience with ozone technologies and its bio-oxidative qualities has contributed greatly in pursuing this initiative. Near term efforts have been directed toward one of the Company's founding tenets, namely that under the right conditions, ozone can be extremely effective at sterilizing virtually all biological fluids  which includes blood, serum, and plasma and its fractionates, as well as all biologically contaminated equipment and spaces.

Medizone is discovering that its unique ozone generating technologies when combined with other new emerging technologies will play a vital role in addressing what public health officials and surgeons world-wide are beginning to recognize as "The Silent Epidemic" silent epidemic: CA-MRSA and HA-MRSA,Richard P. Evans, MD, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, May 2008,  “AAOS Study”, in reference to MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) infection.

Additional Hospital Beta Testing

The Company is currently anticipating full-scale hospital trials, both in Canada and the US. The first of these (as stated above) commenced in January, 2013, at QHC Belleville General Hospital, Belleville, Ontariao, Canada. In June 2013 we were pleased to announce that MRSA had been eliminated from a number of infected ward-rooms at QHC Belleville. As a result, we were invited to participate in the management of a significant MRSA outbreak at that hospital.

Initial Sales of AsepticSure®

Commencement of commercial deliveries began in September 2012

Partnership / Joint Ventures

Medizone International expects to partner with a large corporation embedded in the hospital  sector for increased:

Manufacturing Capacity
National and international sales
Increased service capabilities


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