Board of Directors

Medizone International, Inc. Board of Directors

David Esposito – Chairman of the Board

David Esposito served as President and General Manager of Phadia US Inc. from 2009-2011 (Phadia US, was the US division of privately held, Phadia AB, a premier global specialty diagnostics company prior to its acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific for $3.5B USD in August of 2011). David Esposito joined Phadia US as the senior vice president of sales and marketing in 2009 after a successful career in sales, marketing and commercial strategy with Merck and Co., Inc. David led several initiatives to accelerate the sales growth of Phadia’s core product ImmunoCAP during his early tenure in the assignment. David became the President and General Manager in Sept of 2009.

Under David’s leadership, Phadia US delivered double digit growth of the company’s core products ImmunoCAP® (specific IgE testing) and EliA® (autoimmune testing) for several years. In addition, David spearheaded the development of several commercial initiatives to support Phadia’s leadership in the area of bringing breakthrough diagnostics to the US marketplace for the allergy and autoimmune segments. The successful growth of the company culminated in the sale to Thermo Fisher Scientific for $3.5B USD in August of 2011. David served as Vice President for US Commercial Operations within the Specialty Diagnostics Group of Thermo Fisher Scientific for two years before leaving to pursue other professional interests.

Before joining Phadia, David played several key leadership roles for Merck & Co. Inc in the US market. David led the marketing team for Singulair®, Merck’s largest branded product at the time. He developed innovative, multi-channel marketing programs to continue to accelerate growth in a highly competitive and crowded asthma and allergy marketplace. As Merck embarked on a journey to create an “industry leading new commercial model” in 2007, David was called on to play a key role in developing and leading the customer facing arm of the new model. Through David’s skill in balancing strategy with realistic tactical execution, the initial work on the model drove increased sales, increased customer trust and value measures and increased employee engagement while reducing headcount and overall operational expenses by 35%. As a result, Merck’s new commercial model was rolled out nationally and David was moved into the pivotal role of leading the overall commercial strategy for the US Division at a time of unprecedented change in the pharmaceutical industry.

David’s leadership skills and ability to develop and articulate strategy with clear tactical discipline to drive execution were enhanced and nurtured during his 4 years at West Point and his subsequent leadership assignments in the US Army Infantry. As an Airborne Ranger Infantry officer, David led a rifle platoon of 39 men with the 101st Airborne Division in Operation Desert Shield/Storm (1990-1991) through several combat operations and was recognized with a Bronze Star for combat action on 24 February 1991.

David was born and raised in northern New Jersey. David, his wife Tracy, and their four active children, have enjoyed living in numerous areas of the country as a result of relocations for key assignments in the marketplace. They presently call Kalamazoo, MI “home.” Outside of work, David is very active with his family coaching sports teams, spending time outdoors and doing charitable work. In addition, David is the inventor/developer of a series of programs entitled Character Creates Opportunity® designed to improve the character development of children, adolescents and adults. Most recently, his conversation games Abundant Harvest® and Face to Face™ are being actively marketed to families, schools, counseling centers, and faith-based programs to support more effective communication and action planning in dealing with the often difficult and complex situations we find ourselves in today. David and Tracy are the founders and sponsors of Harvest Time Partners Foundation; a charitable organization supporting youth and young adults in pursuit of character building opportunities.

Michael E. Shannon, M.A.,M.Sc.,M.D. – President & Director of Medical Affairs, Board Member

Dr. Shannon received his medical degree from Queen’s University in Canada, which included advanced training in surgery and sports medicine. He also holds post-graduate degrees in neurochemistry and physiology. He has been actively engaged in applied medical research within these areas for over 27 years.

He served in the Canadian Forces for 31 years retiring at the rank of Commodore (Brigadier General equivalent) as Deputy Surgeon General for Canada. During the first Gulf War, Dr. Shannon served as the senior medical liaison officer for all of the Canadian forces.

In 1996 he assumed responsibilities within Health Canada for re-organizing the Canadian blood system. Working with both the provincial and federal governments he oversaw the development of a new corporate entity dedicated exclusively to the management of blood services in Canada. He was then appointed Director General for the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, a position he held for three years.

In December 2000, Dr. Shannon left the Canadian federal government to pursue a new career in industry. In that capacity he simultaneously directed a phase III clinical trial in Canada, the United States and Great Britain for an artificial blood substitute product. Following completion of that work he was asked to accept a special assignment with the Canadian Federal Government Auditor General’s office. His assignment being to conduct a cost benefit analysis of all government sponsored pharmacare programs and make recommendations directly to the Parliament of Canada. His assignment and presentation to Parliament was completed in November 2004.

Dr. Shannon then served on a special assignment to the Canadian Public Health Agency (Center for Disease Control equivalent in the United States) as Senior Medical Advisor. His responsibility was to direct the rebuilding of the Emergency Medical Response Capacity for Canada. In this regard and under his direction, the largest emergency medical response exercise in the history of the country, involving the overnight construction of a mobile hospital, hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients, was successfully held in Toronto in December of 2007.

Dr. Shannon has been actively engaged in medical bio-oxidative (O3 based), research since 1987 and was directly responsible for the first human clinical trial to have ever been approved in North America which examined the efficacy of O3 delivered via minor autohemotherapy in the treatment of AIDS. He was also responsible for several primate studies utilizing O3 involving scientists from various departments within the Canadian Federal Government, as well as senior investigators from Medizone International and Cornell University.

Dr. Shannon has served as the Senior Medical Advisor to Medizone International since 2002. In August of 2008 he accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Medizone International and assumed responsibility for medical affairs. In October 2008, he was additionally appointed the President of the Canadian Foundation for Global Health.


CaponiVincent C. Caponi – Board Member

Mr. Caponi currently serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board of St. Vincent Health and as a Senior Vice President of Ascension Health Alliance. Until July 2013, Mr. Caponi had served as the Chief Executive Officer of St. Vincent Health. He grew the St. Vincent Health ministry to a 22-hospital system serving central and southern Indiana. St. Vincent Health is one of Indiana’s largest employers.

Ascension Health of St. Louis, Missouri – the sponsor of St. Vincent Health – is the nation’s largest Catholic non-profit health system with 130 hospitals located in eight states.


Daniel D. Hoyt – Board Member

Mr. Hoyt became a director in January 2002. Mr. Hoyt is a graduate of the University of Indiana, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Over the past 37 years, he has become a recognized leader in the life insurance industry, working as a career agent for American United Life Insurance Company. Mr. Hoyt’s clients have ranged from large public companies to small private businesses.

In recent years he has spent most of his time in public speaking and relationship building in the insurance industry. His previous work experience includes seven years with Merrill Lynch as well as serving as the Chief Executive for the Chamber of Commerce in three Indiana communities.

From June 1996 until June 2010, Mr. Hoyt was the Chairman of the Board of Biological Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation involved with bio-cleansing remediation systems for animal fats and oil-based materials. He also serves on the Development Board of the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center (since January 2000) and is the Chairman of the Board of the St. Vincent Foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dwayne Montgomery – Board Member

Mr. Montgomery is currently working as an independent consultant in the healthcare sector. From April 2014 to June 2016, he was with Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., a Maryland-based publicly held company (OSIR) engaged in the research, development, and marketing or regenerative medicine products. At Osiris, Mr. Montgomery was General Manager of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine from April 2014 to September 2015. He was appointed to the Chief Business Officer position from September 2015 to February 2016. He was then appointed interim-CEO and President in February 2016. He was appointed CEO and President in March 2016 and resigned from his positions at Osiris in June 2016 for medical reasons. Prior to joining Osiris, Mr. Montgomery was Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IlluminOss Medical, Inc. (2013-2014), Vice President of Commercial Operations at Boxano Surgical, Inc. (2010-2013) and held progressing roles of executive responsibility at Smith & Nephew, Inc., serving as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Clinical Therapies Global Business, a division that eventually became Bioventus, Inc. (2003-2008). Mr. Montgomery earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of North Alabama and a M.B.A. from the Massey School of Business at Belmont University.