Canadian Foundation for Global Health


The Canadian Foundation for Global Health (CFGH), an affiliate of Medizone International, was founded under Canadian Federal Law as a not-for-profit Canadian Corporation headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Michael E. Shannon, M.A.,M.Sc.,MD serves as the President of the Canadian Foundation for Global Health.  Dr. Shannon is also the Director of Research for Medizone International and a member of the Medizone Board of Directors.

The Foundation has attracted a broad spectrum of the most highly qualified scientists, infectious disease specialists and other medical health professionals from diverse fields of interest to serve on its Board of Directors, Science Advisory Board and as Principal Investigators.

Medizone’s Board of Directors have adopted a business philosophy of “creating a corporate paradigm in which the corporation’s profit follows its social contribution.”  The establishment of this foundation fits into that paradigm by being positioned to attract the highest quality professionals possible to our research projects.

It is envisioned that as Medizone’s products and treatments become ready for market, the Foundation may play a vital role as a distribution source for developing countries with varying price breaks depending on the country’s needs and the availability of international assistance.  We intend to work through both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to ensure affordable medical solutions are as widely available as possible for people on this planet.

While the Foundation’s current focus remains on the development of the Medizone AsepticSure® hospital sterilization initiative,  we envision that in the future the Foundation may become involved in other projects that may or may not be related to the work of Medizone.

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