AsepticSure and Trioxidane (H2O3)

AsepticSure is a safe, highly efficacious, ozone based room disinfection system that is setting a new gold standard worldwide for healthcare decontamination of infective pathogens. Its powerful antimicrobial action is achieved through a patented process involving the interaction of low-dose hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone (O3) at a specific relative humidity for a fixed period of time.

The compound created (H2O3) is known as Trioxidane. Trioxidane is so efficient in killing bacteria at low doses that all medical and electrical equipment may remain in the room during the disinfection process.

Our Queens University research team has demonstrated that even a 3 log (99.9%) bactericidal kill is not enough to stop bactericidal regeneration. Yet a 3 log kill exceeds the results of all current cleaning practices.

In our laboratories we have demonstrated that the remaining .1% of bacteria begins to regenerate in a few hours and in 5 days will return to full strength. That is the reason why all current cleaning methods and systems have failed to break the reinfection cycle in health care facilities world-wide.

The AsepticSure difference was first demonstrated in the real world at Belleville General Hospital in Ontario, Canada during the summer of 2013 when a ward that had been contaminated with an MRSA outbreak was quarantined. Following a single AsepticSure cleaning the ward was not only free of MRSA, but then went 6-months without a single new MRSA infection. Historically, the hospital reported that the ward had averaged one to two new MRSA cases per month.

Achieving 100% bactericidal kill with AsepticSure broke the reinfection cycle at this hospital. AsepticSure has now demonstrated a solution to a previously unsolvable problem.

For an overview of AsepticSure’s technical and efficacy specifications, you can download the latest AsepticSure Datasheet by clicking on the PDF icon below:


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