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Important Changes With Regard To Forward-Looking Statements

For years now, Medizone’s management has sought to provide timely, accurate and positive news with respect to all aspects of the Company’s progress. This has been escalated over the past two years as the dynamics surrounding the evolution of AsepticSure increased exponentially. At all times, the fundamental reason for reporting ‘anticipated future events’ was so that shareholders and investors alike, had a clear picture as to ‘where we were headed’ and not just ‘where we had come from’.

However, in view of the fact that this well-intentioned communications policy has repeatedly come back to haunt us when situations beyond our control have slowed, stymied or even stopped ‘anticipated events’ from taking place, it has been decided (in the best interests of the integrity of the Company) to cease forthwith from making forward-looking statements about anything that the Company is involved in and/or likely to be involved in.

Instead, we are adopting a clear-cut policy of… “If it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t become communicable news until if and/or when it has happened.

In other words, in keeping with the communication strategies of the majority of all companies and corporations in the US, we will ONLY be putting out news AFTER THE FACT. It is hoped that by doing this, shareholders will never again have to worry about ‘whether or not’ the Company’s well-intentioned forecasts and/or expectations around future events, will fail to materialize for whatever reason.

Going forward, when we communicate to you via PR, Chairman’s Letter, IR, website postings or by any other media open to us… you will know that it is happening at that very moment… or has already happened.

IR will no longer respond to questions of a forward-looking nature i.e. “can we expect any great news anytime soon. But rest assured, IR will gladly respond to questions around news, events, progress and achievements of a current and/or past nature.

This has been a tough year for all of us. But the time has come to make changes for the betterment of the Company and for you, its shareholders. This is one of those changes. I trust that we will have your understanding and support on this communications policy change… as it has never been and never will be the intention of the Company to knowingly publish or communicate anything based on something other than what it believes to be factual at the time. This policy change will now guarantee that.


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