Greatest Threat To Bed Bugs Since Last Ice-Age!

Thumbnail Image Of AsepticSure MachineInternational Award-Winning Vapor Mist Technology, AsepticSure™, Poised to Eradicate Bed Bugs from Hotel and Travel Industry, Worldwide

Miami Beach, FL, August 10, 2011.  Medizone International, Inc. (MZEI:OB) (MZEI:QB) announced this morning at the FIME Medical Purchasing Show in Miami,  that its AJIC peer-reviewed, ICICP award-winning hospital disinfection system, AsepticSure™, has just demonstrated resounding effectiveness against bed bugs.


Medizone’s President and Director of Medical Affairs, Dr. Michael E. Shannon stated; “As announced by Dr Zoutman in his presentation this morning at FIME, we’ve now conclusively demonstrated that AsepticSure™ is ‘more than capable’ of killing bed bugs.


Given the unprecedented global resurgence of these hardy, increasingly pesticide-resistant insects, this is an immensely exciting achievement for AsepticSure™, both from a scientific and commercial perspective – and over the next few months our new entomology research program will seek to determine the optimum parameters for maximum efficacy within minimum practical time frames.

It would be fair to say that in view of AsepticSure’s already proven and unparalleled capacity for sustained >6 log (99.9999%) microbial kill rates against a vast range of pathogens deadly to humans, we can’t help but feel extremely confident in this initial finding and the huge potential it presents.

As of this moment, we have our sights firmly set on meeting the exacting requirements for practical applications for the hotel and travel industry in the months ahead.

It’s an absolute certainty now that yet another major market has just opened up for this innovative and benchmark-setting technology (AsepticSure™).”

CEO Edwin Marshall added to Shannon’s statement by saying, “To put it into perspective, our only real competitor in what is essentially ‘an insecticide-free war against bed bugs’, would be the onset of another ice-age!

Marshall added, “Medizone International’s engineering, research and development teams have shown outstanding creative talents in developing AsepticSure™ technology in the most adaptive manner possible.  While the government variant (intended for building remediation in the case of biological or chemical attack) contains a number of different components required for the specifics of that application, it appears that the hotel and travel industry variant will require only ‘minimal tweaking’ of the existing software in the hospital production unit. From an economic standpoint, it doesn’t get better than that!”

In conclusion, Marshall summed up by saying, “On the basis of AsepticSure’s bed bug test results-to-date, the global hotel and travel industry are going to be able to ‘sleep a lot easier’ at night in the very near future.”

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